What is nose surgery for men?

The world has become competitive and people want to look their best. Beauty is not limited to a gender and its aesthetics have become more prominent these days. Even men have been smitten with this phenomenon and in order to keep up in the race they have started to work on themselves. This brings us to discuss about one of the most significant features of the face that augments our personality.

**Note : Result may vary from person to person and case to case


That is the nose and it has to be mentioned that the perfect nose of a man should be minimally rotated; the bridge must be straight and must be wide. Under ideal circumstances the angle between the upper lip and the nose must measure in between 90 to 95 degrees. So those who want to achieve this finesse have to opt for a nose surgery for men.

What is this nose surgery for men all about?

As for those who want to flaunt a flawless look, should be paying more attention to this section. Call it a nose job or rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that reshapes the nose cartilage to create that perfect look. This is done aesthetically to keep the nose in proportion to the face.

How is male nose job beneficial?

Now that we have explained what this procedure all about, it is time to address the next concern that how does it help? It must be noted that rhinoplasty is not only done for grooming purposes, but it is beyond that as it can repair and boost structural issues. In a nutshell, it all comes down to a few things that it can take care of like:

  • Of course can boost confidence by enhancing looks
  • Can cure snoring
  • For treating sinus
  • A proper nose job can restore the symmetry of the face
  • It can cure congenital malfunctions or birth defect
  • This procedure can fix a broken nose as well

How is men’s rhinoplasty rendered?


**Note : Result may vary from person to person and case to case

Quite honestly, this will be treated as out of line as it may not be suitable for medical ethics if we talk about the whole procedure in details. This is because it is best suited for the doctor or the esthetician to decide depending on the patient’s physiological requirements about how would they render it. However, what can be talked in general terms is that a surgeon may work on the bone and cartilage of the nose for reaching the best results. This surgery is performed with general anesthesia that makes it painless.

Aftercare for nose surgery for men

NU Cosmetic Clinic is very specific about post operative care for surgeries and we even provide repeat surgeries if required. With more than 25 years of experience, we know what it feels like and that is why we ask our patients to:

  • Not to take a shower until the doctor says so
  • Strictly sleep on your back

Before and after images

We at NU Cosmetic Clinic take care that even potential customers get an honest feel of what it may be like to undergo nose surgery for men. So, our Patient Care Coordinators can provide a string of before and after images to potentials on request without any difficulty.


**Note : Result may vary from person to person and case to case


Just remember one thing before selecting a clinic you need to look into its credentials for your own good. This will help you choose the best one and also assist in recuperating faster because a dedicated medical team can do wonders. In this line of thought it has to be mentioned that NU Cosmetic Clinic is quite well known for its friendly staff and suitably certified doctors. We will make the experience of nose surgery for men a memorable one for sure.


Those who seek realistic expectations to improve their appearance.
It would be 15 for males as the nose is fully developed by this age.
NU Cosmetic Clinic has been catering to the needs of the beauty industry for slightly over 25 years and we know how to keep it a secret for you.
At our facility that has been designed based on state of the art technology and is equipped with all the modern amenities.


At Nu, we know that cosmetic enhancement is a private and personal matter and we strongly believe in keeping all details completely confidential. We promise that all details of your dealings with us, from consultation appointments to your procedure and aftercare will be kept completely private and confidential. We will only discuss it with people you have explicitly nominated such as your partner or other named next of kin.

**Note : Result may vary from person to person and case to case