How can I refer my friend?

There are two ways to refer-

Option 1: Just fill in the contact details of your friend(s) who you think would be interested in our services.

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Option 2: Call 18002001215. Just inform our representative that you want to refer your friend. Provide your contact details as well as that of your friend.

What benefits will I and my friends get from the “Refer-A-Friend” program?

Benefits to you:

If you refer your friends,

  • You can avail services worth Rs. 1500 absolutely FREE.
  • That’s not all, every time the friend you referred to us avails any of our service, you are entitled to get free services worth 10% of the value of the service they availed.

So having a friend definitely pays!

Benefits to your friends:

The friend you referred can avail following benefits-

  • Get free consultation with our expert cosmetologists (for skin concerns), hair specialists (for hair care concerns and hair loss) and dieticians (for effective weight loss and body sculpting). /li>
  • They can also avail services worth Rs. 1500 absolutely FREE.

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